About Us

One day's hospital stay can cost as much as $40,000.... $40,000 that could take away your home, leave you unable to work or worse.

If your employer doesn't offer health insurance, how are you expected to know which plan is right for you and your family when there are so many options? These options can include individual plans or group plans, even plans sponsored by the State of California such as Healthy Families ...and how do you know if you're even eligible?

Of course, you could trust some voice on the telephone. They don't care if you're under-insured or have too much. In most cases, if they met you, they'll never see you again.

That's where we come in.

We try to sit down with you, look you in the eye and try to walk you through a dangerous minefield that can cost you everything. We not only identify what you want but what you need -- and what you can afford. In the rare cases when your first choice doesn't work, we'll be there to make it better and help you choose wisely.

Then, you'll have the confidence you have made the right choice.

Our Mission

With less than one year left before final implementation of what has become known as "Obamacare," changes are coming quickly. Rate changes among the various insurance carriers are just the beginning. By January of 2014, state exchanges should be inforce and everyone in the United States will be required to have an insurance policy or be faced with penalties. California has even launched an exchange website, Covered California, for consumers to begin the process of enrolling.

The good news is that if you can't afford the policy, the federal government will subsidize the cost of the premium.

The one thing that continues to remain constant is our commitment to you.

We continue to believe: "No one ever lost money trying to help their neighbors." We are advocates, not salesmen, that will show you every single health care plan that's available to you and your family. We will find the best for you without worrying about our commissions or bonuses.

We answer all questions without it costing you anything. Our mission: help you find the right choices whether it's a group plan, a state sponsored plan or an individual plan. Whether you need Medicare, Medicaid, Medi-Cal, major medical or even discounted or free medication, we will explain all of the fine print.

Then we stay by your side to ensure that the plan works as we all hope and expect... and if not, we help you make adjustments until we get it right. We help you find doctors, pay your bills and get your claims filed.

Even if you don't have a policy placed through our office, we can assist you with outstanding medical invoices for a reasonable fee. Call or email us for more information!