Guess What? Medicaid Just Don't Travel

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Posted on July 11th 2017 in Medi-Cal

So, you got your Medicaid.  It's great... you're not making a lot of money, you're back in school and the next step is a high paying job so you pay "high paying job"  taxes.  You deserve it, right?  Sure, you do.  You paid taxes before you decided you needed to up your game -- go back for that Master's or just take a break -- and you will again.

Then comes that unbelievable intern opportunity in Chicago.  Not to worry.  Your Medicaid will cover you in the land of the Bears, the Cubs and Capone, right?


Medicaid, or Medi-Cal in California, is a geographically constrained policy, those constraints being the borders of the state.  You may eventually be able to have unexpected costs covered in Ohio if you are enrolled in Washington, but the chances are slim and the process is so involved as to leave your credit hanging in the balance, not to mention your nerves frayed and your patience strained.

The answer is a short-term medical policy.  Originally created for students graduating from college and no longer covered by a school plan or those in the probational period between hire and employer coverage, these are plans you can use for coverage shortfalls when you leave state-sponsored Medicaid.  There are a number of great plans from a variety of carriers  .IHC Logo

and we know them all, such as Health Insurance Innovations (with plans almost everywhere) or IHC Group

If you are travelling abroad for a time, either for school, business or pleasure, you can also make sure you are covered over there as well. One of the best is UnitedHealthcare's International Medical Group.  But there are others available.

The most important thing to remember is if your plans call for insurance at a moment's notice, these plans can be effective within a day.  Although the plans are sometimes subject to pre-existing conditions and are not a replacement for the Obamacare plans.  

Most of all, they just offer that extra level of protection and peace of mind you need when you are away from home.


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